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<me> father, husband, serial entrepreneur, web developer, digital marketing guru, senior millennial, introvert, fitness enthusiast, investor, armchair philosopher, wannabe astrophysicist, and full of wanderlust. </me>

Brief Professional History

My name is Chad French, and I live in Gainesville, Florida (Go Gators!) My surname bears half of my ancestry, mais je ne sais pas comment le parler!

I began developing websites in the summer of 1999, just before the dot-com bubble popped. Banner advertising paid big money, paying upwards of $0.25 per click, and if you knew basic HTML, you had most of the skills to make a website. Google wasn't very well known yet; you had to rely on a mixture of AltaVista, Excite, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, and Lycos to find information. The world wide web was a very different place than it is now, still in its adolescence, and I'm fortunate to have experienced it.

I learned how to write HTML from a free training website through Lycos called WebMonkey. A year later, I learned the basics of PHP and MySQL by downloading and tearing apart the source code of a popular community in the "everything/nothing" space. These sites were ancestors to social media and blogging and were extremely popular in the millennial demographic.

As a life-long entrepreneur, anything I set out to create online required a profit motive. To make money on the web, you need traffic. I got introduced to "organic" advertising early on, aka SPAM, and generated lots of traffic primarily through bulk e-mail and AOL/Yahoo chatrooms. The CAN-SPAM Act didn't pass until 2003, so this type of marketing was legal and prevalent.

Combining my two passions: web development and internet marketing, I set out on a career in digital advertising by building valuable online marketing solutions, commonly referred to as "MarTech," or Marketing Technology.

From 2005 to 2008, I built, managed, and sold a handful of small marketing products and companies in the affiliate marketing space. Affiliate marketing is a strategy where the advertiser only pays on a generated sale or lead vs. a click or impression. The affiliate, the one paid by the advertiser, is usually a publisher (blogger, emailer, social media influencer) or a media buyer – one who buys ads online in hopes of making a return on their investment through commissions.


In late 2008, I founded and developed PeerFly, my most significant success to date, and I ran the company until 2019. PeerFly was an affiliate marketing network where advertisers and affiliates came together on a single platform. At our peak, we had over 15 employees, tens of thousands of active affiliates, and hundreds of active advertisers at any given time. What began as a simple development project turned into a fantastic adventure in business, marketing, leadership, and wealth.

Since my time at PeerFly, I briefly held a position at SharpSpring (acquired by Constant Contact) as the Director of Affiliate Marketing. After Sharpspring, I managed partners in the e-commerce industry with DFO, helped build a marketing agency in the streaming media space at Scale.TV, and consulted Shopify store owners on CRO and marketing strategy. More recently, I've focused most of my time on freelance web development, which I enjoy the most.

Because of my background, with many years of experience in marketing technologies, business leadership, and an array of development languages and disciplines, I've acquired a unique toolset that not many other developers have, making me a very appealing asset.


For privacy reasons, please get in touch with me if you would like an updated copy of my professional resume.

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