Prevail Key Co.

Scope: Refresh the online store's brand with a new logo, color palette, and completely new Shopify theme with several custom extensions. Implement various advertising integrations.

Prevail Key Co. is a niche online hobby store for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. They sell switches, lubricants, stabilizers, springs, and other accessories to help anyone build DIY mechanical keyboards.

Prevail Key Co. Logo

Brand Refresh

Prevail launched in the fall of 2020 with astounding success, but its brand was quickly put together and needed a professional touch. The guys at Prevail hired me in the Spring of 2021 to enhance the brand by helping commission a new logo and develop a unique Shopify theme.

Old vs. New

The old logo was white, red, and gray with a thinly outlined sword that was hard on the eyes, especially on a black background. The dark Shopify theme looked decent on desktop but was not responsive, so it did not work well on mobile devices, where over 50% of Prevail's traffic originates. Additionally, there were bugs with certain Shopify apps, and top marketing integrations were either incorrectly installed or not installed at all. Old Prevail Key Co. Website

We commissioned a new logo design that matched the strength and brass of the Prevail name and changed its colors to red and black. The website theme moved to a custom design with a white background and dark elements. Visitors will soon have the ability to switch to "Dark Mode," which inverts all colors but keeps the new style intact. Some assets were moved to Amazon's Simple Storage Service to prevent Shopify's compression on essential images, like the logo. New Prevail Key Co. Website

Shopify Development

In addition to the brand refresh, I performed a lot of work under the Shopify hood. I made various Javascript and HTML5/CSS additions on the homepage, product page, and cart page that greatly enhanced the visitor experience over the original design. Old buggy apps and extensions were repaired, replaced, or added, and I fully integrated marketing scripts from Google, Facebook, Klaviyo, and Reddit.

Technologies Used

  • Ruby Liquid (Shopify Template Language) launch
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • AWS S3 launch

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